About Us

MDS Refrigeration Technologies was established in 2010 and serves in the fields of pastry, cafe and bakery products.

Our Mission;

MDS Refrigeration Technologies, which is a leading brand in its sector with its domestic and international service network, adopts an approach that follows and applies innovations and priorities in order to improve the service quality. MDS Refrigeration technologies, quality, technology and visuality in the industry always aims to bring together a mission.

Our Vision;

To produce solutions to meet the demands of customers and to create added value in our sector without compromising on quality.

    Hürriyet Mahallesi, Dr.Cemil Bengü Cad. Şenol Sk. No:2
  • PBX
    +90(212) 294 71 55
  • FAX
    +90(212) 294 71 55
  • GSM
    +90(546) 208 53 53